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Tuesday, September 14 2010

Two day Sale of Antiques, Fine Art, Ceramics,Glassware and Various Collectables

Viewing Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm, Monday 10am-7pm immediately prior to sale. Open on mornings of sale (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8.30am until 10am for viewing. Sale starts promptly at 10am each day. Please remember that if you want to leave a commission bid or bid by telephone we need all instructions by Monday 6.30pm before sale.

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Lot 362 SOLD FOR: £ 40

R. G. Reeve after H. Alken (1810-1894) - Set of four coloured prints - Cock fighting scenes - "Set Too", "Throat" "Fight to Death", published by J. Fuller, London June 15 1840

Guide Price: £40-60

Lot 363 SOLD FOR: £ 180

William Russell Flint (1880-1969) - Artist's Proof colour print - "White Interior, Chateauneuf-sur-Loire", 19.5ins x 26.375ins, published by the Medici Society, 1967 (edition of 850) signed in pencil to lower right margin, in modern cream and gilt moulded frame and glazed. Note: bears Frost and Reed label to reverse No. 31726

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 364 SOLD FOR: £ 160

Henry Stacy Marks (1829-1898) - Two charcoal and gouache drawings - Seated portrait of a gentleman in 18th Century dress, 16.5ins x 11ins, inscribed "HSM to TLA Oct. 1884", and a standing portrait of a gentleman holding a pipe, 15.5ins x 7ins, initialled, both in gilt frames and glazed

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 365 SOLD FOR: £ 60

Johann Jakob Frey (1813-1865) - Grey wash drawing - "Villa Basignano, Barra 1840" - Landscape with trees to foreground, 7.75ins x 11ins, inscribed and dated Feb.1840, in narrow oak moulded frame and glazed Provenance : The Maltzahn Gallery, 3 Cork Street, London, exhibited 1975

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 366

Jack Becker - Pen and wash drawing - "The Bull-Terrier "Sherbourne King" (KCSB 34769)", 16ins x 18.5ins, signed, in gilt frame and glazed

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 367

Geoff Masters (20th Century British) - Two pastels - "Kettlebaston, St. Marys" and "Cuckoo House", each 14.5ins x 20ins, monogrammed, titled to reverse and in wood frames and glazed

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 368

In the manner of Cornelis Troost (1697-1750) - Pencil drawing - Seated gentleman raising a glass, 10.25ins x 7ins, in Hogarth pattern fame and glazed Provenance : The Chester Beatty Collection - gift to vendor's father

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 369

Luigi Schiavonetti (1765-1810) - Stippled engraving - "Mrs Cosway" - Maria Cecilia Louisa Cosway nee Hadfield, 5ins x 3.25ins, published by Colnaghi 1791, in modern gilt frame and glazed

Guide Price: £250-300

Lot 370 SOLD FOR: £ 70

A Victorian crystoleum - Market square scene with women by well, 7.5ins x 10ins, in gilt frame and glazed

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 371 SOLD FOR: £ 120

Hans Potthof (1911-2003) - Artist's proof coloured lithograph - "Apres L'Orage", 20ins x 29ins, signed, No. 138 of 150, in metal frame and glazed, together with Authentication Certificate from Christies Contemporary Art

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 372 SOLD FOR: £ 290

Rolf Harris (born 1930) - Coloured print - "As Time Goes By", 16ins x 25ins, signed in pencil, No. 653 of 695, in modern silvered frame and glazed

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 373 SOLD FOR: £ 210

Three cricket photographs, autographed - "The South African Team 1947", "The New Zealand Touring Team 1949" and "West Indies Touring Team 1950", various sizes, all framed and glazed, and a notebook containing a selection of other autographs, photographs and newspaper cuttings of various cricketing teams in the 1940s/1950s

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 374 SOLD FOR: £ 290

Barry Lategan (born 1935) - Two black and white photographs - Shoulder length portraits of "Twiggy", 17ins x 14.75ins, both signed by the photographer and one signed by Twiggy, and one other colour photograph - Shoulder length portrait of a model with braids and plaited hair, 15ins x 15ins, signed by photographer on the mount, and all contained in modern black metal frames and glazed

Guide Price: £250-400

Lot 375 SOLD FOR: £ 200

A colour photograph - "Champions for Ever" depicting Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and Larry Holmes, and signed by all, 19.5ins x 14.5ins, with Bel Air Certificate of Authenticity, in modern gilt fame and glazed

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 376 SOLD FOR: £ 240

A colour photograph - "Muhammad and Liston", signed by Muhammad Ali aka "Cassius Clay", 9.5ins x 7.5ins, in black frame and glazed

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 377 SOLD FOR: £ 240

A colour photograph - "Muhammad Ali and Elvis" signed by Muhammad Ali aka "Cassius Clay", 19.5ins x 15ins, with Bel Air Certificate of Authenticity, in modern gilt frame and glazed

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 378

Twelve 1960's boxing photographs, including three signed by Joe Bugner, a ticket for Henry Cooper v. Mildenberger at Wembley Arena, 1968, and twelve other photographs of celebrities and musicians, including two signed by Bob Monkhouse and Tommy Cooper

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 379

A black and white Royal photograph - Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, 6ins square, signed and dated 1955, and a Royal Wedding First Day Cover Provenance : Photograph was gift to Stanley Pearson MVO, Superintendent of Works at Buckingham Palace 1946-1975

Guide Price: £300-500

Lot 380

An album containing a quantity of press photographs of 1950s and 1960s film stars and singers including Elvis Presley

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 381 SOLD FOR: £ 360

Fourteen Pirelli calendars 1984-1997 (all boxed)

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 382 SOLD FOR: £ 150

Roy Humphreys - "Dover Patrol 1914-1918" - Author's unbound proof copy (contained in lever arch folder), and a folder containing a selection of photographs relating to same

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 383

A quantity of Second World War photographs of Thanet and Folkestone, some mounted on to annotated sheets (two lever arch folders and one small box)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 384 SOLD FOR: £ 220

A quantity of Second World War photographs of Dover, some mounted on to annotated sheets (one lever arch folder and one paper folder)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 385 SOLD FOR: £ 90

Three albums of Second world War photographs compiled by No. 4624471 Trooper R.E.Storey RAF covering tours of Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, South Africa and Europe and variously dated 1939 to 1946, together with conforming paybook and release book

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 386 SOLD FOR: £ 90

An album containing two First World War silk postcards and a small selection of First World War related postcards and photographs various

Guide Price: £50-70

Lot 387 SOLD FOR: £ 90

An early 20th Century postcard album containing a quantity of topographical and greetings cards various

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 388 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A late Victorian black leather covered photograph album containing a quantity of portrait photographs and three early 20th Century postcard albums containing a quantity of topographical postcards and photographs various

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 389 SOLD FOR: £ 160

An early 20th Century postcard album containing a selection of greetings cards, including eight silk embroidered cards, a maroon leather photograph case containing a selection of postcards of Kent interest (case slightly damaged), and a small selection of loose postcards, various

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 390 SOLD FOR: £ 110

Four albums of postcards and first day covers and a quantity of postcards, mainly of a topographical nature (one box)

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 391 SOLD FOR: £ 50

Seven early 20th Century pocket folding maps - "The Half Inch Map of England" published by Gall & Inglis, London and Edinburgh, each 5.5ins x 3ins

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 392

Two albums of early 20th Century cigarette cards, containing a selection of Wills "Life in the Royal Navy" and other cards, and a small selection of loose cigarette cards

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 393 SOLD FOR: £ 140

Two albums of early 20th Century Taddy, Salmon and Gluckstein and other cigarette cards various

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 394

A collection of Godfrey Phillips "Aircraft", Senior Service "Beautiful Scotland", and other cigarette cards, various (two boxes)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 395

A Cadbury's chocolates "Olympic and Titanic" tea card, 7.5cm x 3.5cm (slight wear)

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 399

An Edward VII silver framed dressing table mirror of shaped outline, the frame with embossed leaf scroll ornament and with bevelled plate, 26ins x 32ins, by William Comyns, London 1906 (areas of slight damage)

Guide Price: £450-600

Lot 400

A late Victorian silver salver with shaped and cast rim and engraved centre, on three scroll panel feet, 15ins diameter, by Messrs. Barnard, London 1894 (weight 46ozs)

Guide Price: £600-800

Lot 401 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A George IV silver circular salver of 18th Century design, the moulded rim with cast shell and S-scroll mounts, on three panel feet, 9ins diameter, London 1827 (centre engraved with armorial - weight 14ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 402 SOLD FOR: £ 130

A George V silver circular salver on three scroll feet, 10ins diameter, by E.V., Sheffield 1939, inscribed "To N.V. Hewison" and with replica signatures (weight 15.5ozs)

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 403 SOLD FOR: £ 80

An Elizabeth II silver circular salver with moulded rim and on three pad feet, 18ins diameter, by E.S.P., Sheffield 1963 (weight 9ozs - inscribed "To Captain J.G. Grubb M.B.E." etc)

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 404 SOLD FOR: £ 140

An Edward VII silver dish with gadrooned rim and pierced sides, 13.5ins x 8ins x 3ins high, London 1905, by Ollivant & Botsford, Manchester (weight 15ozs - inscribed to centre)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 405 SOLD FOR: £ 220

An Edward VII silver two-handled tray with moulded and floral cast rim, on bun feet, 15ins x 9.5ins, by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company, London 1904, with presentation inscription to centre (weight 24ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 406 SOLD FOR: £ 500

An Indian silvery metal oval two handled tray, the rim embossed with figures in landscapes, 24ins x 15.5ins (impressed to back Sterling Silver - weight 65ozs - engraved to centre)

Guide Price: £500-700

Lot 407 SOLD FOR: £ 300

An Indian silvery metal tray with engraved ornament, 14ins x 10ins (weight 24ozs), and an Edward VII silver christening mug, 3.5ins high, by A.C.M. Co, Birmingham 1905 (weight 3ozs)

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 408

A George III silver four division decanter stand with leaf and gadroon mounts and four splayed paw feet, 10ins square x 12ins high, by Joseph Angell London 1817 (weight 36ozs) with four early 19th Century cut glass square decanters and stoppers for same (one decanter a/f)

Guide Price: £450-600

Lot 409 SOLD FOR: £ 160

A late Victorian oak and plated metal mounted two-handled three division drinks stand with turned supports, 18.5ins x 8ins x 6.25ins high, with silver presentation plaque "Presented to the Colonel and Officers of the 3rd and 45th Battalion of the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment", by M. Wingfield, Stratford 1885, and complete with two Victorian silver mounted square bulbous decanters, 9ins high, and stoppers, and one other replacement cut-glass spirit decanter, 7ins high, and stopper (chipped)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 410

A George V silver topped waisted liqueur decanter with spiral reeded body and plain silver neck, 11.5ins high, hallmarked Sheffield 1926, and stopper for same (damaged to interior of neck), and a plated oval bread board stand, the flanged rim with floral and leaf scroll ornament, 12.5ins x 10.5ins

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 411 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A George V silver rectangular entree dish and cover with reeded mounts, 10.25ins x 9ins, by R.C., London 1928, the cover with presentation inscription "To N.V. Hewison" (weight 40ozs)

Guide Price: £325-400

Lot 412 SOLD FOR: £ 230

A George V silver three piece tea service, Birmingham 1921 (gross weight 23ozs - hallmarks rubbed)

Guide Price: £175-250

Lot 413 SOLD FOR: £ 130

A late Victorian silver oval teapot with wooden handle, 6.25ins high, by R. & B., Sheffield 1900 (gross weight 17ozs)

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 414 SOLD FOR: £ 130

A George V silver hot water jug, 9.25ins high, Chester 1927 (gross weight 11ozs)

Guide Price: £80-120