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Tuesday, March 29 2011

Two Day Sale of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables

Viewing Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm, Monday 10am-7pm immediately prior to sale. Open on mornings of sale (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8.30am until 10am for viewing. Sale starts promptly at 10am each day. Please remember that if you want to leave a commission bid or bid by telephone we need all instructions by Monday 6.30pm before sale.

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Lot 758

Late 17th/early 18th Century School - Miniature painting - Half length portrait of a lady wearing a black dress with a lace collar, oval panel 2.25ins x 1.25ins, in ebonised frame

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 759

19th Century School - Miniature painting - Shoulder length portrait of a middle-aged man, 3.25ins x 2.5ins (some paint lifting) in black leather covered case

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 760 SOLD FOR: £ 100

19th Century School - Miniature painting - Shoulder length portrait of an elderly man, oval, 2.5ins x 2ins, in gilt metal frame

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 761 SOLD FOR: £ 160

19th Century English School - Miniature painting - shoulder-length portrait of a young woman wearing a lace trimmed black dress and blue collar, oval on ivory, 3.75ins x 2.875ins, within oval gilt brass slip and contained in red leather covered folding case

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 762 SOLD FOR: £ 600

18th Century English School - Miniature painting - shoulder-length portrait of a young boy wearing a blue coat, oval thought to be on ivory, 1.5ins x 1.25ins, in gilt metal oval frame and glazed, the whole contained in shagreen covered oval case labelled "March Booth" and dated 1777 with the price of Two Guineas

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 763 SOLD FOR: £ 480

18th Century English School - Miniature painting - shoulder-length portrait of a gentleman wearing a powdered wig and a blue coat, oval thought to be on ivory, 1.625ins x 1.375ins, in silvered gilt oval frame and glazed, and early 19th Century Continental School - Miniature shoulder-length portrait of a young woman with auburn hair wearing a low coat dress, rectangular, thought to be ivory, 1.75ins x 1.375ins, in gilt metal frame and glazed to both sides

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 764 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A Victorian mother of pearl rectangular card case, 3.5ins x 2.25ins, a late Georgian tortoise-shell dome topped rectangular miniature box, 2.5ins x 1.375ins x 1.375ins high, and a tortoise-shell and pique work rectangular etui, 3.25ins x 2ins (latter damaged)

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 765 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A Georgian japanned metal oval "Erotic" snuff box worded "The Pleasures that Please on Reflection", 4.5ins x 2.75ins x 1ins high, with "hidden" double lid painted with an amorous couple (japanning rusted in places)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 766 SOLD FOR: £ 170

A 19th Century tortoiseshell and silvery metal mounted etui, 2.5ins high (lacking most contents), a tortoiseshell and gilt metal mounted circular box and cover, 3ins diameter x 1ins high (damaged) and a papier-mache snuff box, the lid decorated with figures, 2.75ins x 2ins x .75ins high

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 767 SOLD FOR: £ 140

A modern Chinese porcelain snuff box decorated with a woman in a landscape and stopper for same, 2.5ins high, twenty five other modern chinese snuff boxes various, and a Chinese hardwood wall mounted cabinet fitted with shelves and enclosed by single glazed door, 18ins x 24.5ins x 3.5ins high

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 769 SOLD FOR: £ 1350

A late 18th/early 19th Century Indian Vizagapatnam ivory rectangular work box engraved in the Neo-classical manner with leaf and bellflower swags, initialled "G.G.C.", 11.25ins x 9.25ins x 4ins high, the interior opening to reveal fitted interior and numerous ivory fitments (twisted and slightly damaged and ivory lifting and small chips in places)

Guide Price: £700-1000

Lot 770 SOLD FOR: £ 480

A Chinese mother of pearl shell, the interior finely carved with figures and pavilions in a garden scene, 9.25ins x 10.25ins

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 771

A Continental ivory, silver and lace trimmed fan, the ivory sticks finely fretted with leaf scroll ornament, the silk panel painted with butterflies and with lace trimmed edges, 15ins overall, and a selection of other fans and mother of pearl bone and wooden sticks (mostly damaged - contained in fan box)

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 772 SOLD FOR: £ 50

A late 19th Century Chinese ivory puzzle ball, 2.25ins diameter (damaged) with conforming ivory stand for same, 8ins high

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 773 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A Chinese nephrite tea service comprising - four tea bowls 1.75ins diameter x 1ins high, teapot and cover 3ins high, and oval tray 7.75ins x 5.5ins

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 774 SOLD FOR: £ 360

A 19th Century carved ivory figure of a lion, on oval base, 2.25ins high, and one other carved ivory figure of a lion with a raised paw, 1.75ins high (lacking tail)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 775 SOLD FOR: £ 150

A Japanese carved ivory netsuke in the form of three mice, 2.25ins x 1in high, a ditto in the form of a horse, 2ins (both with black character marks - Meiji period), and two ivory miniature mice, 1.25ins and 1.5ins long

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 776 SOLD FOR: £ 580

A Japanese ivory figure of a fisherman hauling in his net, 8.5ins high (small character mark to base - Meiji period), and ebonised stand for same

Guide Price: £600-800

Lot 777 SOLD FOR: £ 400

A Japanese ivory group - Farmer with a straw basket over one shoulder and his child, on oval base, 6.25ins high (small character mark to base - Meiji period)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 778 SOLD FOR: £ 190

An Oriental carved walrus ivory figure of a seated bearded sage, 3.5ins high

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 779 SOLD FOR: £ 220

A mid 19th Century turned ivory desk thermometer of architectural cylindrical form, 8.5ins high (with slight damage)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 780 SOLD FOR: £ 160

An Indian carved ivory figure of an elephant with its rider and howda, 3.5ins high, six other carved ivory elephants, various sizes, and a small selection of other ivories

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 781 SOLD FOR: £ 90

A 19th Century French fan, the silk panel painted with two young lovers in a boat, the bone sticks engraved and decorated in gilt with floral ornament, 8.5ins

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 782 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A 19th Century French crucifix with carved ivory figure of Christ, 6.5ins high, mounted on oval easel pattern frame, and two other French ebonised crucifixes, each with carved ivory figures attached, 13.5ins high and 10.5ins high

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 783 SOLD FOR: £ 520

A pair of 19th Century Indian ivory urn shaped miniature goblets engraved and decorated in brown with geometric design, each 5.25ins high (both slightly damaged) and a pair of similar ornament of "rosewater sprinkler" design, 7ins high (one damaged)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 784 SOLD FOR: £ 80

A 19th Century carved bone apple corer engraved "TMP 1829", 5ins overall

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 785

A late 19th Century French bone fan, the silk and lace trimmed panel painted with a young couple in a landscape and with gilt decorated sticks and guards (with slight damage)

Guide Price: £69-100

Lot 786

A Chinese carved soapstone group - "Gods of Happiness", 11.75ins overall

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 787 SOLD FOR: £ 60

A Chinese carved jade figure of a perched bird, 5.25ins high, and a Chinese jade coloured glass pendant, 2.5ins x 1.5ins

Guide Price: £50-70

Lot 788 SOLD FOR: £ 1650

A Chinese moss green jadeite circular bowl with flared rim, 4ins diameter x 2ins high, and a Chinese carved white jade pendant, 2.25ins x 1.75ins

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 789 SOLD FOR: £ 1400

A Chinese celadon jade pierced rectangular plaque, carved with carp and lotus design, 2ins x 2.5ins

Guide Price: £1000-1500

Lot 791 SOLD FOR: £ 50

A George III mahogany tea caddy, 9ins x 6ins x 5ins high (now lacking interior) and a Victorian rosewood and brass bound workbox, 12ins x 9inx 5ins

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 792 SOLD FOR: £ 260

A Victorian rosewood Tonbridge ware rectangular work box by Thomas Barton of Tunbridge Wells, the lid inset with pincushion top, the tapered sides inlaid with twin tessellated bandings, on turned bun feet, 6.75ins x 4.75ins x 3.5ins high (bears label to base "T. Barton (late Nye), Manufacturers, Mount Ephraim and Parade, Tunbridge Wells") Note : Thomas Barton (1890-1903) entered the service of Edmund Nye and stayed until Nye's death in 1863 when he took over the business

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 794

A Chinese Mah Jong set with engraved bone and bamboo tiles and bone sticks, contained in hardwood and plated metal mounted table cabinet, fitted five interior drawers, 9.75ins x 6.25ins x 6.75ins high

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 795 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A Tunbridge ware rectangular three division box, the lid decorated with a floral spray, the sides with band of leaves and flowers, 6ins x 3ins x 3.75ins high

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 796 SOLD FOR: £ 160

A late Victorian oak stationary cabinet, the lid and fall front opening to reveal stationary rack and three small drawers, 14.75ins x 8ins x 10ins high, and a pair of continental porcelain inkwells for same

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 797 SOLD FOR: £ 140

A Victorian figured walnut effect papier-mache and gilt metal mounted writing box with shaped rim to lid, the interior with later cloth lined writing slope, 11ins x 8.5ins x 3.25ins high

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 798

A turned fruitwood urn pattern salt with later turned ivory finial, 5.25ins high, and three other pieces of treen

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 799 SOLD FOR: £ 50

A tortoise-shell and lacquer rectangular box, the lid decorated in gilt with flowering branches, 5.75ins x 3.5ins x 2.25ins high (gilding rubbed)

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 800 SOLD FOR: £ 90

A Victorian brass bound and crossbanded walnut work box, 12ins x 9ins x 5.5ins

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 801

A Chinese copper circular hand mirror cast with character motif and egrets in a landscape, with cane covered handle, 3.25ins diameter

Guide Price: £100-120

Lot 802 SOLD FOR: £ 60

After Jean-Bertrand Andrieu (1763-1822) - Electro-type circular plaque cast in relief with profile of a young couple, 5.5ins diameter, with inscription to back "Electrotyped by H.W.R. Davey, Beccles, Suffolk 1847 to Lucas Ward", in moulded wood frame

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 803

A late 19th/early 20th Century French green veined marble and gilt brass rectangular inkstand with leaf and acanthus leaf central handle flanked by two cylindrical inkwells with lifting lids, the marble base with pen rest surrounding border, 13ins x 5ins high, and one other French cast brass rectangular two-handled inkstand with lidded centre compartment flanked by two cut-glass inkwells with brass covers, 13.75ins x 7.25ins

Guide Price: £125-160

Lot 804 SOLD FOR: £ 190

A pair of 19th Century cast brass circular wall sconces with lions head pattern back plates, and each with three candle sconces, 7ins diameter x 4ins high

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 805 SOLD FOR: £ 160

A Tibetan gilt metal temple god on oval base, 5.25ins high, and a yellow silk handkerchief

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 806

A Japanese cloisonne bulbous jardiniere decorated with two shaped panels of two birds perched on flowering branches within a floral filled copper lustre ground, 10ins diameter x 8.5ins high

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 807

A pair of late 18th Century brass pillar candlesticks on circular bases, 7.75ins high

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 808

A copper warming pan with turned and carved wood handle, 48ins, one other ditto, 49.5ins, a copper coal scuttle and two other pieces of copper ware

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 809 SOLD FOR: £ 240

A pair of turned wood skull and serpent pattern tobacco jars and covers, 5ins high

Guide Price: £60-80

Lot 810 SOLD FOR: £ 60

A late Victorian oak and metal bound smoker's companion, fitted two drawers enclosed by a pair of panelled doors and drawer to base, 11.25ins x 8.5ins x 10.5ins high, and an oak and plated mounted barrel pattern tobacco jar and cover with pipe pattern finial, 6.25ins high

Guide Price: £60-80