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Tuesday, July 12 2011

Two Day Sale of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables

Viewing Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm, Monday 10am-7pm immediately prior to sale. Open on mornings of sale (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8.30am until 10am for viewing. Sale starts promptly at 10am each day. Please remember that if you want to leave a commission bid or bid by telephone we need all instructions by Monday 6.30pm before sale.

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Lot 666 SOLD FOR: £ 50

Two letters by W.H. Auden to Miss Elizabeth Jennings, dated November 26th 182 and April 11th 1972 respectively, and a postcard by Alan Sillitoe addressed to "Dear Bill" and dated 1st September 2002

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 667 SOLD FOR: £ 340

A large collection of postcards depicting piers and seaside views in Liverpool, Southport, Bournemouth, Dorset, Southampton, Blackpool, the Isle of Wight and many others, contained in three modern vinyl albums

Guide Price: £350-500

Lot 668 SOLD FOR: £ 680

A large collection of postcards relating to Kent piers in Deal, Herne Bay, Folkestone and Margate, contained in two modern red vinyl albums and sleeves for same

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 669 SOLD FOR: £ 640

A large collection of postcards depicting piers in Hastings, Southend on Sea, Brighton, St. Leonards on Sea, Clacton on Sea and including some group portraits on the piers, contained in two modern vinyl albums

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 670 SOLD FOR: £ 210

A large collection of postcards relating to Sittingbourne, depicting various views at various dates and including a small selection of hop picking postcards, contained in modern brown vinyl album, and a small selection of other postcards contained in two scrap books

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 671 SOLD FOR: £ 380

An extensive collection of postcards, mostly of topographical greetings and portrait nature but including three cards of cats after Louis Wain, eleven silk embroidered cards and others, contained in seven albums

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 672 SOLD FOR: £ 140

An early 20th Century postcard album containing approximately 200 greetings and topographical view postcards, and an album containing a selection of photographs of 1950s film stars

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 673 SOLD FOR: £ 150

An early 20th Century postcard album containing a mixed selection of cards including two Louis Wain cards, a selection of others of a comic nature and topographical views, and one other similar postcard album containing a mixed selection of cards (latter incomplete)

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 674 SOLD FOR: £ 40

Three Second World War Daily Herald Sandwich Board display posters, all dated Wednesday, March 27th 1940, each 29.5ins x 19ins

Guide Price: £50-70

Lot 675

A small selection of 1940s CQ radio cards for various countries, including China, Kenya and Australia, four R.A.F. "No. 1 Radio School" manuals, and a small selection of magazines relating to amateur radio

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 677 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A collection of early 20th Century photograph negatives, including - Canterbury, Fordwich, Wickhambreaux, Hoath and Faversham views, and others

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 678

A "Royal Italian Opera" printed silk programme dated June 9th 1849, 18ins x 9ins, in composition frame and glazed

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 679 SOLD FOR: £ 140

An early 20th Century Japanese black lacquer postcard album, the front decorated with mountainous river landscape, containing a mixed selection of hand-tinted postcards depicting Geishas, views in Japan, China and other places, on hand painted cloth pages

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 680 SOLD FOR: £ 80

An album containing a quantity of Naval, R.A.F. and Army related postcards, various

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 681

Sixteen First World War Anti German postcards by E. Dupuis - "The Leurs Caboches" series, an early 20th Century postcard album containing approximately 172 French First World War postcards and some others, one other album containing a mixed collection of topographical postcards and including four silk embroidered cards, and an Ogdens photo album containing a selection of black and white portrait cards of royalty, military and political interest

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 689 SOLD FOR: £ 420

18th Century School - Miniature plumbago painting - Shoulder length portrait of a young woman wearing lace trimmed dress, 2.625ins x 2.125ins (thought to be on paper) contained in gold coloured metal frame, the back with vacant oval cartouche to centre, surrounded by royal blue enamel border

Guide Price: £400-600

Lot 690

19th Century English School - Miniature - Half length portrait of a gentleman wearing black coat and tie, 2.5ins x 1.75ins, in gilt metal floral and scroll cast frame (with lock of hair and indistinct inscription to reverse, dated 1836 - glass panel to reverse cracked)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 691 SOLD FOR: £ 200

18th Century English School - Two oval half length miniature portraits of the same young woman in differing clothes, contained in leather covered case with folding mirror, oval 3ins x 2.5ins overall (slightly damaged)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 692 SOLD FOR: £ 260

F. Lane (19th Century English School) - Two oval shoulder-length miniature portraits of a young boy (from original by W.H. Lane painted 1879), and one other of a bearded elderly man (painted June 21st 1881 from larger portrait), each oval on ivory, 1.125in x .875ins, contained in gilt metal mounted and glass egg pattern pendant

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 693 SOLD FOR: £ 820

18th Century English School - miniature shoudler length portrait - "Catherine, daughter of Thomas Geoffry of Lushington who married John Cole, High Sheriff of Kent 1756" - wearing black dress and blue ribbon trimmed white bonnet, probably on ivory 4ins x 3ins, in deep gilt moulded frame and glazed (frame overpainted), and Watercolour - Head of an elderly man with white beard, 8.5ins x 7ins, in gilt fretted frame

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 694

R.P. Wals (?) - Cut silhouette profile of a middle aged woman, oval 2.75ins x 1.75ins, and a similar ditto of a middle aged gentleman, both in ebonised frames and glazed

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 695 SOLD FOR: £ 110

A French rectangular miniature depicting an interior scene with two young lovers seated on a sofa, on copper panel, 3.75ins x 2.25ins, in moulded frame, and a French oval porcelain plaque in the "Sevres" manner printed with a shoulder-length portrait of Marie Antoinette within turquoise and gilt borders, contained in cast gilt brass oval frame with ribbon surmount, 4ins x 2.5ins overall

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 696 SOLD FOR: £ 260

19th Century School - Miniature portrait - Half length portrait of a seated woman, oval 2.25ins x 1.75ins, contained in gilt metal and blue glass oval mourning pendant (damaged)

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 697

A 19th Century porcelain miniature plaque finely decorated in coloured enamels with a portrait of Our Lord breaking bread, oval 2.5ins x 2ins, in embossed gilt metal frame, "Denise" - shoulder-length portrait of a young woman, oval 2ins x 1.5in, in gilt metal frame (water damaged and surface lifting), and a 19th Century gilt metal oval frame chiselled with leaf ornament (to hold miniature 2.75ins x 2.375ins)

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 698

An early 19th Century blond tortoise-shell rectangular tea caddy veneered in matched figured tortoise-shell panels and pewter wire strung with slightly domed top enclosing central cut-glass sugar bowl and two lidded compartments, on ball feet, 11.75ins x 5.5ins x 6ins high

Guide Price: £600-800

Lot 699 SOLD FOR: £ 420

An early 19th Century apothecary's cabinet, the interior opening to reveal thirteen glass bottles with octagonal cut necks and cut stoppers (some damaged), the drawer under fitted with a pair of balance scales with ivory pans, eight smaller bottles with octagonal cut necks and cut stoppers, a glass mortar and pestle, a measure, and four tinned metal rectangular boxes, 13.5ins x 5ins x 10ins high

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 700 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A George III satinwood rectangular work box of sarcophagus shape inlaid with bandings and stringings, the interior lined in red paper with removable fitted tray, and with gilt brass lions mask and ring handles and leaf and paw pattern feet, 13ins x 12ins x 7ins high

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 701 SOLD FOR: £ 60

A 19th Century rosewood tea caddy of sarcophagus shape, the interior with two lidded canisters, on bun feet, 14ins x 8ins x 9ins high (slightly faded and marked)

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 702

A Victorian mahogany rectangular tea caddy of sarcophagus shape, the interior with two lidded canisters and a cut-glass mixing bowl, 13.5ins x 7ins x 8.25ins high (with slight damage), and a Victorian walnut writing box, 14ins x 8.5ins x 5ins high

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 703

An early 19th Century rosewood and brass inlaid work box of sarcophagus shape with bead mounts, 10ins x 7ins x 6ins high (with slight damage), and a Victorian walnut and parquetry banded box, 7.75ins x 5.5ins x 4ins high

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 704 SOLD FOR: £ 140

A late 19th Century Japanese black lacquer rectangular three tier stacking box, decorated in gilt with children in a landscape, and tray for same, 11.5ins x 6.5ins x 11ins high (some damage)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 705 SOLD FOR: £ 190

A late 19th/early 20th Century hammered copper and repousse work rectangular box, probably by John Pearson of Newlyn, the lid embossed with a squirrel, 10ins x 7.5ins x 4.25ins high, initialled "JP" to reverse

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 706 SOLD FOR: £ 50

A Victorian walnut and parquetry inlaid writing box inlaid with mother-of-pearl to top, 13.5ins x 9ins x 6ins high (slightly damaged to edges)

Guide Price: £50-70

Lot 707

An early 20th Century near Eastern rectangular work box carved with fruiting vines, 13.5ins x 9ins x 3.5ins high

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 708 SOLD FOR: £ 1400

A Chinese celadon jade pierced rectangular plaque, carved with carp and lotus design, 2ins x 2.5ins

Guide Price: £1000-1500

Lot 709 SOLD FOR: £ 160

A Chinese green celadon jade pendant with two Dog of Fo supports, 2.125ins x 2.25ins

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 710

A Chinese "Spinach Green" jade brush rest carved in the form of a mythical beast with a lizard on his back, 1.5ins high x 4.5ins overall

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 711 SOLD FOR: £ 4200

A Chinese pale celadon jade carving of a frog on a pomegranate, 2ins x 1.875ins x .75ins high (Qianlong period)

Guide Price: £500-700

Lot 712 SOLD FOR: £ 4000

A Chinese pale celadon jade carving of a crouching boy, 2ins x 1.5ins x .75ins high

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 713 SOLD FOR: £ 5000

A Chinese "Mutton Fat" jade pendant pierced and carved with twin dragons, 4ins x 2.25ins overall

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 714 SOLD FOR: £ 1200

A Chinese "Mutton Fat" jade belt hook carved with a dragon's head and a salamander, 3.625ins x .875ins

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 715 SOLD FOR: £ 2000

A Chinese "Mutton Fat" jade carving of a curled salamander, 2ins x 1ins high

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 716 SOLD FOR: £ 1000

A Chinese green jadeite belt hook with dragon pattern end, 2.75ins x .75ins, a Chinese agate carving of a Sage, 3ins high, and three other jadeite and hardstone carvings of fruit and bird

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 717 SOLD FOR: £ 120

A Chinese enamel double snuff bottle and covers decorated with figures in landscapes, 2.5ins high

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 718 SOLD FOR: £ 180

An early 20th Century ivory cigarette holder carved with floral and leaf ornament, 6ins, and a small selection of carved ivory elephants, animals and other items

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 719 SOLD FOR: £ 700

A 19th Century Chinese ivory rectangular card case in the "Cantonese" manner, carved with figures at various pursuits, pagodas and flowering branches, 3.75ins x 2.75ins

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 720 SOLD FOR: £ 140

A Japanese ivory handled umbrella, the handle carved with ladybirds, an ivory letter opener with silver and enamelled handle, 10.25ins (most of the enamel to handle missing), a set of letter scales on shaped base, 7.5ins x 4.75ins, and weights for same, and sundry items

Guide Price: £70-100

Lot 721 SOLD FOR: £ 120

A Japanese ivory netsuke carved in the form of two Sumo Wrestlers, 1.175ins high (one fan broken and missing), and five other Eastern carved ivory and bone figures

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 722 SOLD FOR: £ 1550

A 19th Century Chinese ivory rectangular card case in the Cantonese manner, carved with figures at various pursuits, pagodas and flowering branches, 4.25ins x 2.75ins

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 723 SOLD FOR: £ 580

A Japanese carved ivory figure of a standing Hotei, 3.75ins high (Meiji period - slightly cracked and red seal mark to base), and with later stand

Guide Price: £200-300