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Tuesday, July 12 2011

Two Day Sale of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables

Viewing Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm, Monday 10am-7pm immediately prior to sale. Open on mornings of sale (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8.30am until 10am for viewing. Sale starts promptly at 10am each day. Please remember that if you want to leave a commission bid or bid by telephone we need all instructions by Monday 6.30pm before sale.

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Lot 317 SOLD FOR: £ 2500

A good Victorian silver four piece tea and coffee service of bulbous lobed form with scroll handles, the bodies engraved with leaf scroll and floral ornament and cartouche on cast feet comprising: teapot 6.5ins high, coffee pot 11ins high, two handled sugar basin 4.25ins high, and milk jug 6ins high, by W.H., London 1862 (gross weight 80ozs), twelve matching King's pattern teaspoons and sugar tongs by George Angell, London 1862 (weight 17ozs) and complete with a plated oval two handled tray with reeded and scroll cast handles, reeded rim, the centre engraved with stylised leaf ornament and with presentation inscription, dated May 15th 1863, 29ins x 19ins overall, all contained in oak and metal bound two handled case with fitted interior, by Alstons & Hallam of London, 31ins x 10.75ins x 21ins high

Guide Price: £2000-3000

Lot 318 SOLD FOR: £ 840

A George VI silver rectangular four piece tea service by Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1945, comprising - teapot, hot water pot, two-handled sugar basin and milk jug (gross weight 53ozs)

Guide Price: £800-1200

Lot 319 SOLD FOR: £ 940

An Elizabeth II silver four piece tea service, the panelled bulbous bodies with Celtic Knot rims, comprising - teapot, hot water pot, two-handled sugar basin and milk jug, Sheffield 1964, by John H. Lunn Ltd, Belfast (gross weight 55ozs)

Guide Price: £750-1000

Lot 320 SOLD FOR: £ 600

A George V silver circular three piece tea service with shaped rims, plain squat bulbous bodies and each on four scroll feet, comprising: teapot 5.25ins high, two handled sugar basin 3.5ins high, and milk jug 3.5ins high, by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. Ltd., Birmingham 1921/23 (gross weight 32ozs)

Guide Price: £500-700

Lot 321 SOLD FOR: £ 280

An Edward VII silver three piece rectangular tea service with gadroon mounts and part reeded bodies, comprising - teapot, 4.5ins high, two-handled sugar basin, 3.5ins high and milk jug, 3ins high, the teapot and milk jug by W.A., Birmingham 1902 and the two-handled sugar basin by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1903 (gross weight 18ozs)

Guide Price: £220-260

Lot 322 SOLD FOR: £ 2000

A late Victorian silver claret jug, the bulbous body cast with winged male and female figures and lion's head and embossed and chased with baskets of flowers, floral and leaf scroll ornament, leaf capped double scroll handle and domed cover with pierced finial, 15.75ins high, by C.C.P. London 1901 (weight 38ozs), inscribed "Presented to H.C. Bentley Esq. for the Best Hunter under 6 Years that clears all fences in the best style, Market Harboro' Horse Show Sept. 19 1901, awarded to Mr W.J. Newton for his 5 year old Hunter "Silvio", and ebonised plinth for same

Guide Price: £1200-1500

Lot 323 SOLD FOR: £ 1350

A George V silver circular salver with shaped and moulded rim, on three scroll feet, 18ins diameter, by T.B. & S., Sheffield 1926 (weight 85 grammes - with presentation inscription)

Guide Price: £1250-1500

Lot 324

A pair of William & Mary silver oval serving dishes of shaped outline with bold gadroon and leaf moulding to rims, 13.5ins x 9ins (incompletely hallmarked but thought to be London 1700 - weight 50ozs - engraved to bases No. 2 and 3, and with scratch weights for 26.16.0 and 26.5.0 - only marked with lions head and one with date letter - no maker's mark), engraved with crest of two coronets

Guide Price: £1500-2000

Lot 325 SOLD FOR: £ 780

A George V silver circular salver with shaped and moulded rim on four scroll feet, 14.25ins diameter, by Asprey & Co., Ltd., London 1929 (weight 41ozs)

Guide Price: £700-1000

Lot 326

A George V circular salver, the moulded rim with shell and leaf cast border, 13ins diameter, by C.B. & S., Sheffield 1922 (weight 27ozs)

Guide Price: £550-650

Lot 327 SOLD FOR: £ 640

A George V silver circular salver with shaped and moulded outline on four claw and ball feet, 14ins diameter, by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1911 (weight 40ozs - with presentation inscription)

Guide Price: £650-850

Lot 328

An Edward VIII silver circular salver with plain moulded rim, 9.5ins diameter, by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, London 1936 (weight 17ozs - engraved to centre)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 329

An Edward VII silver circular salver with shaped and moulded rim, 10ins diameter, by T.B. & S., Sheffield 1935 (weight 20ozs)

Guide Price: £350-450

Lot 330

A George V silver rectangular cake basket with shaped handle, shaped and moulded rim and plain footrim, 10.25ins x 8.25ins x 2.75ins high, by G.W., Sheffield 1912 (weight 20ozs)

Guide Price: £350-400

Lot 331

A George V silver circular basket, the shaped rim and handle with swag and bellflower ornament, on circular footrim, 11ins diameter x 4ins high, by D. & B., Birmingham 1923 (weight 24ozs)

Guide Price: £450-600

Lot 332 SOLD FOR: £ 340

An American silvery metal "La Fayette" pattern circular dish with pierced border and on plain circular footrim, 11.5ins, by Spaulding & Co (weight 21ozs - stamped "Sterling")

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 333

An Edward VII silver circular rose bowl, the part reeded body cast with a band of C-scroll and floral ornament, on circular footrim, 6.5ins diameter x 4.75ins high, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1908 (weight 10zs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 334 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A pair of Edward VII silver oval dishes with shaped and pierced rims and pierced sides, 5.5ins x 3.75ins x 1ins high, by W.C. & Co, Chester 1903, two silver circular salts, and a silver mustard pot (gross weight 5ozs), a plated octagonal two-handled tray with pierced gallery, 24ins x 16.5ins, and a selection of other platedware and metalware, various

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 335 SOLD FOR: £ 170

An Edward VII silver circular rose bowl cast with vacant cartouche, scroll, floral and leaf ornament, on circular footrim, 6.5ins diameter x 4ins high, by Fenton Bros Ltd, Sheffield 1902 (weight 9ozs)

Guide Price: £180-220

Lot 336 SOLD FOR: £ 240

An Edward VII silver oval basket with moulded rim and pierced sides and plain folding bale handle, 11ins x 8.5ins x 5.5ins high, Chester 1906 (weight 16ozs)

Guide Price: £250-300

Lot 337 SOLD FOR: £ 320

An Edward VII silver circular comport with shaped and pierced rim and footrim, 10ins diameter x 5.5ins high, by V. C. Pilling, London 1905 (weight 20ozs - with presentation inscription to top)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 338 SOLD FOR: £ 1550

A Chinese silver prize cup, the bowl embossed and chased with butterflies, insects and leaves, on dragon pattern stem and circular rim embossed with cloud motifs, 9ins high (weight 11ozs), contained in fitted hardwood case with sliding cover

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 339 SOLD FOR: £ 380

A George V silver rectangular teapot of panelled form with ebonised handle and finial and on four ball feet, 5.75ins high, a matching milk jug, 3.75ins high, Chester 1929 (makers mark slightly indistinct), and a similar two handled sugar basin, 3.75ins high, Birmingham 1929 (gross weight 25ozs)

Guide Price: £350-400

Lot 340 SOLD FOR: £ 380

An early Victorian silver baluster shaped tankard of Georgian design with leaf capped double scroll handle, the body boldly embossed and chased with cattle in a farmyard scene, on circular moulded footrim, 5.25ins high, by John & Henry Lias, London 1842 (weight 12ozs)

Guide Price: £275-350

Lot 341 SOLD FOR: £ 480

A William IV silver circular teapot of moulded squat form with cast flowerhead finial, cast spout and leaf capped handle, conforming footrim, 5.75ins high, by Joseph Craddock, London 1830 (gross weight 23ozs)

Guide Price: £450-600

Lot 342 SOLD FOR: £ 240

An Elizabeth II silver octagonal milk jug, 4ins high, and matching two-handled sugar basin, 3.5ins high, by J.B.C. & S. Ltd, Birmingham 1961 (weight 12ozs), a ditto silver tea strainer and stand by C.B. & S.., Sheffield 1961, two Victorian silver fiddle pattern table spoons, and a small selection of other silver items (gross weight 9ozs)

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 343

A pair of George V silver pillar candlesticks of 18th Century design with shell ornament and knopped stems, on square bases, 9.5ins high, Birmingham 1912 (bases loaded - slightly damaged and worn)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 345 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A George VI silver rectangular hot water jug with plain bulbous body and ebonised handle, 8.75ins high, by E.Viner, Sheffield, 1939 (gross weight 22ozs)

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 346 SOLD FOR: £ 170

An Edward VII silver rectangular basket with gadroon mounts to rim and with pierced and moulded leaf pattern sides, 7.75ins x 5.5ins x 2.25ins high, by J.K. (?) and F.P., London 1908 (weight 10ozs)

Guide Price: £180-220

Lot 347 SOLD FOR: £ 260

An Edward VII silver rectangular photograph frame of Art Nouveau design embossed with oval cartouche and stylised floral ornament, to hold picture 6ins x 4.25ins, 9.25ins x 6.25ins overall, Birmingham 1904, a ditto square photograph frame with circular cut-out embossed with floral and leaf scroll ornament, 6ins overall, Birmingham 1904, and two other small silver photograph frames, various

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 348 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A George V silver rectangular photograph frame, 8.5ins x 6.25ins (to take picture 7.5ins x 4.75ins), Birmingham 1917, and an Edward VII silver circular photograph frame, 4.75ins diameter, Birmingham 1902 (in poor condition)

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 349 SOLD FOR: £ 400

A set of six early 20th Century Chinese silver and enamel circular buttons in the Art Nouveau style, the embossed faces decorated in coloured enamels with Iris, 35mm diameter, contained in green leather fitted case retailed by D & M David, Art Jewellers, 3 Livery Street, Birmingham

Guide Price: £400-500

Lot 350 SOLD FOR: £ 200

A George V silver tankard of plain form with scroll handle, 4ins high, by Elkington & Co., Birmingham 1918 (weight 5ozs), a Victorian silver baluster shaped cream jug embossed with C-scroll and floral ornament and with scroll handle, 4.75ins high, by R.P.G.? (partly rubbed), London 1838 (weight 3ozs), George VI silver circular two handled sugar bowl on moulded footrim, 2.25ins high, by F.H.A. & H., Birmingham 1948 (weight 2ozs), and two silver napkin rings

Guide Price: £180-220

Lot 351 SOLD FOR: £ 170

A late Victorian silver sugar castor with pierced cover and spiral fluted bulbous body, 7ins high, by F.F.?, London 1888 (weight 5ozs), and a 19th Century continental silver basket embossed with shell ornament, 6ins high, import mark for London 1891 (weight 3ozs)

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 352 SOLD FOR: £ 140

A George V lady's silver, tortoise-shell and silver pique work five piece dressing table set in the Art Deco manner, the moulded edges with re-entrant corners, comprising - hand mirror, two hair brushes and pair of cloth brushes, by William Comyns, London 1933

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 353 SOLD FOR: £ 130

A George V lady's silver framed and mesh evening bag, 7ins x 7.25ins, and chain handle, Birmingham 1915 (weight approximately 9ozs)

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 354 SOLD FOR: £ 130

An Elizabeth II nurse's silver buckle cast in the Dutch manner with putti and leaf scrolls, hallmarked London 1968, a Dutch silvery metal buckle, and a selection of lady's silver backed dressing table items including two moulded glass rectangular pin trays, the silver covers embossed with winged cupids heads

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 355 SOLD FOR: £ 160

A Victorian silver rectangular card case engraved with shield pattern cartouche and leaves, 3.25ins x 1.5ins, Chester 1899, a Victorian silver evening bag frame, Birmingham 1876, a silver pepper pot (gross weight 3ozs), and a clear glass and silvery metal mounted double ended scent bottle, 4ins high

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 356 SOLD FOR: £ 180

A late Victorian silver oval basket with C-scroll and floral border, spiral reeded and fluted bowl, on oval footrim, 10.5ins x 7.5ins x 3.25ins high, by J.H., London 1893 (weight 10ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 357 SOLD FOR: £ 170

A late Victorian silver circular sweetmeat basket with pierced, scroll and floral cast handle, beaded mounts and pierced borders, on scroll pattern footrim, 6ins diameter x 2.25ins high, by F.B.T. and retailed by Thomas, 153 New Bond Street, London 1892 (weight 7ozs)

Guide Price: £180-220

Lot 358

A pair of George V silver oval sauce boats with shaped rims, on scroll toes with hoof pattern feet, 3ins high, by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1938 (gross weight 6ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 359

A late Victorian silver pepper pot, the spiral reeded body cast with floral ornament and oval cartouche, 4.75ins high, by Atkin Bros, Sheffield 1895 (weight 3ozs), a pair of ditto pepper pots, the bulbous bodies cast with scroll ornament, 3.5ins high, London 1890 and 1891 (maker's marks a little rubbed - gross weight 2ozs - maker's marks a little rubbed), and a silver rectangular salt

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 360 SOLD FOR: £ 100

A pair of Edward VII diamond cut-glass and silver mounted sugar castors of waisted form, 5.75ins high, by R.P., Chester 1908

Guide Price: £80-120

Lot 361

A Victorian silver oval basket with bead mounts and pierced sides, 3.5ins x 2.5ins x 2ins high, by G.N.R.H., Chester 1895 (weight 2ozs and blue glass liner for same), and an Edward VIII silver oval sauce boat with shaped rim, on three hoof pattern feet, 3.25ins high, by A. Bros Ltd, Birmingham 1936 (weight 3ozs)

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 362 SOLD FOR: £ 120

A George V silver oval trinket box with engine turned decoration to lid, on four panel feet, 4.25ins x 3.25ins x 2ins high, by J.C. Ltd, Birmingham 1923, and a ditto silver topped and hobnail cut-glass cylindrical jar, 3ins high, Birmingham 1920

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 363 SOLD FOR: £ 110

A set of four Edward VII silver shell pattern salts, Birmingham 1901, with spoons and case for same

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 364 SOLD FOR: £ 270

An Edward VII silver square basket of shaped outline with moulded piecrust rim and shaped folding bale handle, 6.5ins square x 3ins high, London 1903 (weight 18ozs)

Guide Price: £280-320

Lot 365 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A George V plain silver tankard with moulded rims and C-scroll handle, 4.25ins high, by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd., London, 1934 (weight 13ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 366 SOLD FOR: £ 340

A George V silver bon-bon dish of shaped outline, 5.5ins square x 2ins high, London 1913 (weight 5ozs), a Continental silvery metal goblet with plain sides, 5ins high (stamped 800), and a quantity of sundry silver and silvery metal items, various

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 367

A Victorian silver oval dish embossed with floral ornament, 10ins x 8ins, London 1883 (weight 9ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300