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Tuesday, February 12 2013

Two Day Sale of Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables

Viewing Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm, Monday 10am-7pm immediately prior to sale. Open on mornings of sale (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8.30am until 10am for viewing. Sale starts promptly at 10am each day. Please remember that if you want to leave a commission bid or bid by telephone we need all instructions by Monday 6.30pm before sale.

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Lot 1 SOLD FOR: £ 1550

A pair of George II cast silver candlesticks with shell mounts and knopped stems, 9.75ins high, by William Shaw II and William Preist, London 1756 (weight 37ozs)

Guide Price: £1500-2000

Lot 2 SOLD FOR: £ 1400

An Edward VII and George V silver five piece tea and coffee service of Georgian design, the squat bulbous bodies with leaf moulded rims, comprising - teapot, coffee pot, hot water jug, sugar basin and milk jug, by William Hutton & Sons, London and Sheffield 1907, 1908, 1910 and 1917 (gross weight 94ozs)

Guide Price: £1000-1500

Lot 3 SOLD FOR: £ 740

A George III and Victorian matched silver three piece tea set of circular squat form with gadroon mounts, reeded and fluted bodies, leaf capped handles, on paw feet, comprising - teapot, London 1798 (indistinct maker's mark), and sugar basin and milk jug by F.B., London 1887 (gross weight 47ozs)

Guide Price: £500-700

Lot 4 SOLD FOR: £ 280

A late Victorian bachelor's silver teapot of circular bulbous lobed form, 5.25ins high, by Thomas Blagden & Co, Sheffield 1899 (weight 14ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 5 SOLD FOR: £ 400

A George V silver three piece tea service, the plain bulbous bodies with bead mounts, comprising - teapot, two-handled sugar basin and milk jug, by S.B. & S., Birmingham 1931 (gross weight 19ozs), a late Victorian silver pepper pot with floral embossed body, 5ins high, by T.H., Birmingham 1896, and two silver napkin rings

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 6 SOLD FOR: £ 480

An Elizabeth II silver circular salver of 18th Century design, the shaped piecrust rim with scallop and bead mounts, on three scrolled feet, 13ins diameter, by J.B.C. Ltd, Birmingham 1970 (weight 28ozs)

Guide Price: £350-500

Lot 7 SOLD FOR: £ 420

A George V silver circular tazza, the shaped and pierced rim modelled with fruiting vines, 11ins diameter x 2ins high, by C.J.V., Sheffield 1935 (weight 22ozs - slightly dented to rim)

Guide Price: £350-500

Lot 8 SOLD FOR: £ 220

A George VI silver rectangular dish with concave centre, 9.5ins x 7.5ins, by Henry Atkin, Sheffield 1937 (weight 12os)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 9 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A George V silver honey pot of beehive design, 4.5ins high, by Thomas Bradbury & Son, Sheffield 1911 (gross weight 6ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 10 SOLD FOR: £ 380

A pair of Elizabeth II silver "Armada" dishes, 4.25ins high, by Garrard & Co, London 1966 (inscribed), a ditto silver back five piece dressing table service engraved with leaf scrolls, Birmingham 1966, and a selection of silver items, various (weighable silver 18ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 11 SOLD FOR: £ 1300

A George V heavy silver circular rose bowl, the plain body with bold cast band of roses to exterior, 13ins diameter x 4.75ins high, by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. London 1935 (weight 68ozs)

Guide Price: £750-900

Lot 12 SOLD FOR: £ 290

A George III silver wine funnel with gadrooned rim, 4.25ins overall, by John Wren, London 1806 (weight 4ozs), a Continental embossed silver heart shaped trinket box, 2.25ins high, import mark for London 1905, three Edward VII silver mounted miniature volumes, the covers embossed with cherubs, hallmarked for Birmingham 1905, 1909 and Chester 1909 respectively, and a similar ditto silver miniature book cover

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 13 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A George VI silver circular salver, the shaped rim with gadroon mounts, on four claw and ball feet, 10ins diameter, by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd, London 1937 (weight 19ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 14 SOLD FOR: £ 240

A George III silver ovoid sweetmeat basket of shaped outline with reeded mounts to rim and conforming reeded folding handle, the sides pierced and engraved with leaf ornament in the Neo-classical manner, with pierced oval footrim, 7.5ins x 5.75ins, by Peter and Ann Bateman, London 1792 (weight 4ozs)

Guide Price: £225-275

Lot 15 SOLD FOR: £ 540

A George V silver bulbous hot water jug with shaped rim, plain body and three splayed feet, 8ins high, by Lee & Wigfull, Sheffield 1910 (gross weight 13ozs), a pair of Edward VIII silver sauce boats with bead mounts, 7.5ins overall, by Richard Woodman Burbridge (for Harrods), London 1936, and three silver items, various

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 16 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A Victorian silver baluster shaped tankard embossed with mother and children, country scene and leaf scrolls, 4.5ins high, by Martin, Hall & Co, Sheffield 1860 (weight 7ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 17 SOLD FOR: £ 240

A George V silver two-handled prize cup with plain girdled body, 6.25ins high, by William Neale & Son, Birmingham 1926 (weight 13ozs - engraved to front "Folkestone Club Challenge Cup - Billiard Handicap" - slightly dented to rim)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 18 SOLD FOR: £ 1300

An Edward VII silver two tray of shaped and moulded outline and with mother of pearl oval cabochon to each corner, on scroll feet, 17.5ins x 12.5ins overall, by Frederick Courthope, London 1902 (weight 52ozs)

Guide Price: £700-1000

Lot 19 SOLD FOR: £ 200

An Elizabeth II silver circular salver with shaped and moulded rim on three scroll feet, 8.25ins diameter, by H.I.E., Birmingham 1973 (weight 12ozs)

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 20

An Edward VII silver circular sweetmeat dish with pierced body and rim, and with cast floral and C-scroll mounts, on three paw feet, 7.25ins diameter, by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1908 (weight 13ozs)

Guide Price: £275-350

Lot 21 SOLD FOR: £ 360

A George III silver christening mug of tapered form with reeded girdle and moulded mounts, 3.5ins high (Britannia Standard - possibly London 1711 marks rubbed - weight 4ozs), and a George III silver rectangular milk jug with gadrooned rim and engraved "Greek Key" pattern to the body, on ball feet, 3ins high, London 1806 (weight 4.5ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 22 SOLD FOR: £ 380

A George IV silver wine funnel with cast leaf mounts to the shaped rim and with partly fluted urn pattern body, by J.A., London 1824 (weight 6ozs) SIZE?

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 23 SOLD FOR: £ 660

A late Victorian silver oil lamp base of Corinthian column design on a square stepped base, London 1901, 17ins high, and etched glass shade (lamp missing)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 24 SOLD FOR: £ 420

An Edward VII silver oval fruit dish, the rim cast with fruiting vines and with pierced borders, on moulded footrim, 12ins x 8.75ins, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1961 (weight 22ozs)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 25 SOLD FOR: £ 200

A George VI ladies silver five piece dressing table set of Art Deco design with engine turned and reeded decoration, by Albert Carter, Birmingham 1946, comprising - two hair brushes, two smaller brushes, and a mirror, and a matching Edward VII silver comb mount, Birmingham 1937, retailed by Fattorini & Co, Bradford

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 26 SOLD FOR: £ 230

A late Victorian silver framed dressing table mirror embossed with oval cartouche, winged griffins, lions masks and scroll ornament, and inset with bevelled mirror plate, 16.5ins x 11ins, by G.H., London 1886 (with some holes)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 27 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A George V silver rectangular photograph frame, 10ins x 8ins, by R. & Co, Birmingham 1923 (dented), an Elizabeth II silver rectangular photograph frame with engine turned mounts, 8ins x 6ins, Birmingham 1978, a ditto silver rectangular photograph frame with bead mounts, 8.25ins x 6.25ins, by R.C., Sheffield 1994, and one other similar ditto

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 28 SOLD FOR: £ 280

An Edward VII silver oval photograph frame embossed with lilies, 7.5ins x 6.25ins, by William Neale, Birmingham 1909 (metal split and oak mount worn), an Elizabeth II silver circular photograph frame, 8ins diameter, by B. & Co, Sheffield 1996, and three silver smaller photograph frames

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 29 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A George V silver cup of Art Deco design of tapered form and cast with geometric motifs and with angular loop handle, 4ins high, by Barker Bros Ltd, Birmingham 1933 (weight 8ozs - engraved "Gloria"), an Edward VII silver christening mug with moulded rim, girdle and footrim and scroll handle, 4ins high (maker's mark rubbed), Birmingham 1905, and a small selection of silver, various (weight of weighable silver 8ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 30 SOLD FOR: £ 420

A set of four George V silver menu holders modelled as animal and bird figures - Rabbit, Plover, Squirrel and Partridge, .75ins to .1.25ins high, by G. & C. Hodgetts, Birmingham 1923/25 (combined weight 3ozs - stamped to bases with Registration No. 603046), contained in black leather covered fitted case retailed by Mappin & Webb

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 31 SOLD FOR: £ 300

A Victorian silvery metal combined propelling pencil and whistle, 2.75ins long, by Sampson Mordan (apparently lacking hallmarks), and a Victorian silver combined propelling pencil, pen and quill knife, 3.5ins overall, by Sampson Mordan, London 1859

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 32 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A William IV cast silver dance card with rose, thistle and fox head borders and inset with plain ivory card, 3.5ins x 1.5ins, by M.H., London 1830 (gross weight 1oz)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 33 SOLD FOR: £ 220

A George V silver envelope pattern evening purse, 2.5ins x 3.5ins, possibly by Sydney & Co, Birmingham 1912 (weight 2ozs), and a Victorian silver oval scent bottle, the body engraved with leaves, 2.75ins overall, by John Grinsell & Sons, Birmingham 1887 (weight 1oz)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 34 SOLD FOR: £ 290

A Victorian silver oval spectacle case embossed throughout with leaf scroll and diaper motifs, and with integral belt clasp, 6.25ins overall, by Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1887, and a pair of George III silver spectacles, incompletely hallmarked, possibly London 1814

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 35 SOLD FOR: £ 190

An Edward VII silver circular Sovereign case with engine turned ornament and plain cartouche, .5ins diameter, by Alfred Wigley, Birmingham 1901, a George V silver circular patch box with engine turned ornament, 1.75ins diameter, by George Unite, Birmingham 1913, and three other silver items, various

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 36 SOLD FOR: £ 160

An Elizabeth II baby's silver "Jester" pattern rattle with white plastic teething ring and mother of pearl terminal, 6.25ins overall, by Quarrier Ward Ltd, Birmingham 1995, and five sundry silver items, various

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 37

An Elizabeth II silver square panelled compact with engine turned ornament and cast gilt metal thumbpiece, 2.75ins square, by A. Wilcox, Birmingham 1955, and a ditto cylindrical lipstick case with engine turned and cast floral ornament, 1.75ins overall, by D.B.H., Birmingham 1954

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 38 SOLD FOR: £ 280

A George VI silver rectangular cigar box with engine turned ornament, 5.5ins x 3.5ins x 2.5ins high, by Finnigans Ltd, Birmingham 1938 (engraved "Surbiton Golf Club, Captain's Prize 1948"), a George V silver circular two-handled quaiche, 4.5ins diameter x 1.5ins high, by S. Blanckensee & Sons Ltd, Chester 1933 (engraved "Optical Golfing Society International 1935"), three other silver items and a quantity of silver plated items, various

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 39 SOLD FOR: £ 420

An Edward VII pierced silver overlay and green glass baluster shaped scent bottle of Art Nouveau design, the silver mounts embossed with lilies and stylised leaves, 9ins overall, by Samuel Jacob, London 1903, with internal stopper for same

Guide Price: £100-150

Lot 40 SOLD FOR: £ 220

A George III Scottish silver octagonal wine label for "Sherry", 1.75ins x 1ins, by Andrew Wilkie, incompletely hallmarked for Edinburgh 1819, a William IV Irish silver wine label of scalloped outline for "Teneriffe", 2ins x 1.5ins, possibly by John Townsend, incompletely hallmarked for Dublin (apparently lacking date letter), and an early 19th Century silvery metal wine label for "French-Wine", 2.25ins x 1.375ins

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 41 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A George III silver pepper pot, the plain bulbous body with reeded mounts, 3.75ins high, London 1814, a George IV silver Old English pattern caddy spoon with bright cut engraving to terminal, 3.5ins overall, by William Seaman, London 1826, a Victorian silver and mother of pearl handled fruit knife, with gilt tooled maroon leather covered case for same, an Edward VII silver napkin ring inscribed with names of various Royal Naval vessels, by Page, Keen & Page, London 1903, and a selection of sundry silver and silvery metal items, various (weighable silver 12ozs)

Guide Price: £300-400

Lot 42 SOLD FOR: £ 250

An Edward VII silver mounted coconut shell bowl with gadroon mounts, on three ball feet, 4ins diameter x 2.75ins high, by W.J.J., Chester 1902

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 43 SOLD FOR: £ 460

A pair of Victorian circular salts embossed with floral and scroll work on hoof pattern feet, 3ins diameter x 1.75ins high, by E.J. Barnard London 1860(weight 7ozs), a pair of ditto urn pattern pepper pots, 4.75ins high, by B.K. (?) and R.H. Chester 1896 (loaded), an Elizabeth II silver ingot, Sheffield 1977, and a selection of silver items, various

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 44 SOLD FOR: £ 640

A set of six Edward VII silver napkin rings with gadroon mounts by Harrison Bros and Howson, Sheffield 1902 (and numbered 1-6), and black leather covered case for same, a George VI lady's silver mounted seven piece dressing table set with engine turned mounts, London 1945, one other George V silver blue enamel and steel manicure set, Birmingham 1934, and case for same, and a selection of sundry silver items, various (weighable silver 21ozs)

Guide Price: £250-350

Lot 45 SOLD FOR: £ 480

A Victorian silver cylindrical sugar castor embossed throughout with leaf scrolls and flowers, 2.75ins diameter x 6ins high, by Thomas Hayes, Birmingham 1876, a Victorian silver egg cup engraved to sides with leaf filled octagonal panels, 2ins diameter x 2.75ins high, by William Evans, London 1882, and a small selection of silver items, various (weighable silver 19ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 46 SOLD FOR: £ 360

A Victorian silver pepper pot of gavel design, 4.75ins overall, possibly by Stuart Clifford, London 1877 (retailed by Heming, London, and with diamond Registration mark), a Victorian silver rectangular pin tray embossed to centre with "Punch Magazine Title Page Design" and with shaped edge, 4ins x 3ins, Birmingham 1893, and a selection of silver tableware various (weighable silver 12ozs)

Guide Price: £150-200

Lot 47 SOLD FOR: £ 100

An Edward VIII cast silver "Whisky" label modelled with Bacchus, infant and fruiting vines, 2.25ins x 1.75ins, by Israel Freeman & Son Ltd, London 1936, a George VI ditto "Brandy" label modelled with shell and leaf scroll ornament, 2ins x 1.5ins, by Israel Freeman & Son Ltd, London 1937 (combined weight 3ozs), and a silver plated wine label

Guide Price: £120-160

Lot 48 SOLD FOR: £ 320

An Edward VIII silver five piece cruet with plain conical bodies, comprising - salt, pepper pot, mustard and two spoons, by Adie Bros Ltd, Birmingham 1936, retailed by John Bull & Co, Bedford, and red leather covered case for same, a George V silver bulbous mustard pot with girdled body, 3ins high, by The Alex Clark Company Ltd, Birmingham 1931 (engraved to lid - weighable silver 18ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 49 SOLD FOR: £ 320

A pair of Edward VIII/George VI silver ashtrays, 3.75ins square, Birmingham 1936/7, a George V silver rectangular cigarette box, 7.5ins x 3.5ins x 2.5ins high, London 1930, two silver cigarette cases, and a silver christening tankard (weighable silver 13ozs)

Guide Price: £200-300

Lot 50 SOLD FOR: £ 360

A Victorian silver and blue enamel rectangular card case, 4ins x 2.75ins, by Aston & Son, Birmingham 1859 (extensively damaged), George V silver oval trinket box with splayed legs, 4.5ins x 3.5ins x 2.5ins high , London 1913, (dented) a set of four Indian silvery metal peacock pattern menu holders, 3.75ins high (one damaged), and a selection of silver and silvery metal items, various (weighable silver 10oz)

Guide Price: £150-200