Summer Auction Preview: A collection of early Islamic pottery found in the 1960s and 1970s


Summer Auction Preview!! 

Our 2nd/3rd of August auction will include a collection of fourteen pieces of early Islamic pottery found in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The collection will be going up for auction on the 2nd of August, and will run from lot 355-368.

Perfect for those who love antiquties!! 


Lot 355:  A 12th/13th Century Rayy (Iran) lapis blue low circular dish with inverted rim, on five small square feet, 5.75ins diameter (broken and repaired)

Provenance : The Collection of Sir Eldred Hitchcock, sold Sotheby's March 8th 1960, Lot 58

Estimate: £150-200


Lot 356:  A Minai jug of squat bi-conical form with vertical strap handle, the body moulded with bosses and medallions in low relief, painted in polychrome Minai colours and gilding with horizontal blue chevron stripes, 6ins diameter x 5ins high (first half of the 13th Century - extensively broken and repaired)

Provenance : The Collection of Sir Eldred Hitchcock, sold Sotheby's March 8th 1960, Lot 116

Estimate: £150-200


Lot 358: A 12th/13th Century Mesopotamian pottery bowl, slip painted in black and green with a six pointed star to the centre and with radiating panels containing formalised designs, 9.5ins diameter x 4ins high (broken and restuck)

Estimate: £120-160


Lot 362: An early Sarmarkand pottery bowl, the interior painted in greens and reds on a cream ground with a pattern of stylised leaves and palmettes, 8ins diameter x 2.5ins high (broken and repaired)

Provenance : Bears a Bluett & Sons, London, label

Estimate: £150-200


Lot 365: A 10th Century Nishapur or Samarkand pottery bowl, the interior painted in black, ochre and yellow with a stylised pattern of lines and dots on a cream ground, 7.75ins x 3ins (broken and restuck)

Estimate: £150-200


Lot 366: A 12th Century Nishapur (?) moulded turquoise glazed pottery jug, the body moulded with stylised Kufic script against a ground of scrolling vine, 9.5ins high (damaged and repaired)

Estimate: £150-200


The remainder of the collection will be published shortly with the full catalogue. 

Other antiquities of interest in our August sale are as follows: 



Lot 450: A late Roman glass Unguentarium, 6.75ins high, four others, 4.5ins to 6.75ins high, and a Roman glass beaker, 3ins diameter x 2.75ins high (1st to 4th Century A.D.)

Estimate: £400-600


Lot 451: A Byzantine press moulded pottery ampulla showing a Saint (?) to either side, with two holes for suspension, 2.5ins high (5th to 7th Century A.D. - restored), and five ancient pottery oil lamps, Roman and Islamic, various 

Estimate: £150-200


Lot 452:  A Roman pottery Unquentarium, 8.25ins high, a small pottery vase with red and black horizontal coloured banding, 6.25ins high, and two other early pottery vessels, various 

Note : The first two items have inscriptions to base reading "Dug Up by W. Bliss. Asia Minor 1890"

Estimate: £200-300


Lot 458:  A buff earthenware Cambodian Kendi with a broad shoulder, narrow foot, wide mouth with flange and a straight spout with a flange, circa 1st Century AD, 10ins diameter x 10ins high (in excavated condition)

Provenance : Purchased M.J. West
Note : Thermoluminescence Analysis Report from Oxford Authentication Ltd, dated 15th April, 2003 (sample no. N103f80)

Estimate: £350-500

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