Ceramics & Glassware

Ceramics and glassware are included in our two/three day auctions held every 8 weeks. Items range from English, European and other antique pottery and porcelain to 20th Century collectables, glass paperweights to drinking glasses. Items can be brought along to our free valuation days, held on most Fridays by appointment only. 

A highlight of our glass and ceramics section from previous sales includes: 

A Rare Wood Family Toby Jug of "Mould 51" Type, circa 1790, the figure seated and holding a raised glass in his right hand while supporting a jug in his left, a pipe at his right side, impressed "51", 9.75ins - sold for £1,300 



For general information please email us on general@tcag.co.uk

For further information please phone 01227 763337

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