Galleries - St. Anselm's School

Delilah Hodgson                    

Pencil on paper.

Delilah gives us a glimpse of her hopes and dreams for 2021 in this self-portrait.  The paintbrushes are a symbol of her creativity. 


Harry Gove                           

Collage on paper.

In this featureless self-portrait, Harry expresses his feeling of anonymity during lockdown.  The roots under his figure and the petal-like collage shapes represent his deep connection to nature. 


Joseph Hawkes                    

Pencil on Paper.

 Highly Commended. In his self-portrait Joseph has framed himself within his laptop screen, as this is how he was often seen during lockdown.  He has filled the artwork with several symbols including his phone, dog and bike.


Oliwia Wojtynska                

Watercolour on canvas.

Concept Award Winner.  As an introvert, Oliwia best expresses herself through her artwork.  Her lockdown symbols are held in the hands around her mouth and are a reference to DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.