Galleries - St Edmund's School

Betsy Coulthard                   l

Acrylic on board.


Highly Commended. In this self-portrait Betsy has depicted the right and left side of her brain.  In her left brain one can see her lockdown-self reaching out to her pre-pandemic figure.  The bees on her mask represent the hive mentality that is required to get through the pandemic. 


Clara Taylor                          

Mixed media collage.

Clara’s work is inspired by Frida Kahlo, social media, and special effects makeup.  The pencils in her hair are symbolic of her creativity during lockdown.


George Blunt                        

Charcoal on paper.

The anchor in George’s artwork is indicative of humanity’s collective effort during the pandemic.  He is inspired by Turner and Rembrandt.


Isla Berry                               

Digital drawing.

 Isla’s self-portrait presents the idea of fracturing and splitting apart, as we have all had to do in the lockdowns.  The Rubik’s Cube is symbolic of the puzzle solving carried out by the government, Scientists and NHS.


Joe Garrard                          

Mixed media on paper.

Highly Commended. In this self-portrait, inspired by Edvard Munch, Joe has framed himself and his dog within his laptop screen.  In contrast to this very personal image, the backdrop of a map expresses his love of geography and the fact that the COVID 19 has affected the entire world. 


Lola Saunders                      

Mixed media on paper.

Lola’s work is packed with symbolic images that depict what has kept her active, happy and connected during the pandemic.  She even references a family of foxes that became daily visitors to her garden. 


Sophie King                           

Watercolour and fine liner on paper.

Sophie felt both separated and protected by the “bubbles” she has been part of during the pandemic.  Her love of nature inspired the backdrop of this work.