Galleries - St. Lawrence College

Anna Forrest                         

Pencil on paper.

Anna’s symbol of her phone shows how she was able to stay connected to the outside world during lockdown.  Her expression and the wording on the piece are indicative of her negative and colourless experience of the pandemic. 


Claudia Coles                           

Collage and mixed media on canvas.

This picture in a picture is influenced by local artist Margo in Margate.  Claudia has included references to her love of chess, art and guinea pigs in her self-portrait, as well as the symbol of her phone that kept her connected during lockdown. 


Georgina Davis                      

Pencil and collage on paper.

Georgina has surrounded herself with a collage of aspects of her life that she missed during her time in lockdown. 


Honey Barnett                        

Mixed media.

Highly Commended. This self-portrait expresses both the positive and negative features of lockdown.  Despite feelings of boredom and fear, Honey found joy in her zoom dance lessons and in nature. 


Olivia Leigh-Hunt                

Acrylic on paper.

The Lord of The Rings was an important part of Olivia’s time in lockdown.  In this painting she draws parallels between the battle for Middle-Earth and the fight against COVID.