Galleries - The King's School

Annabel Burns                     

Watercolour and pencil on paper.

Skincare structured Annabel’s days in lockdown and helped her to feel productive.  The three self-portraits in this piece show her at three intervals of a typical day at home. 


Clara Melrose                       

Pen and watercolour on paper.

Clara has depicted her head in three sections, representing the three trimesters of lockdown and the emotional growth that she has experienced during the pandemic.


Judy Zhu                            

Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas.

The artist depicts herself as a perfume bottle in this surreal self-portrait.  Judy spent two periods in hotel quarantine in China.  This bottle expresses the room she was in, while the liquid that takes on the shape of the vessel represents her under the constraints of quarantine.   


Tara Pelling                          

Acrylic on canvas.

Highly Commended. Tara’s picture in a picture shows her staring thoughtfully at a window that represents hope, despite the darkness of her surroundings.  She expresses her love of creativity through the symbolic art materials in the painting.


Vera Loika                             

Acrylic and collage.

Overall Winner.  This collage is based upon the major world events that have been the backdrop to our time in lockdown.  Vera  has draped herself in her symbol of comfort and protection, her blanket.