Talk by the Antiques Roadshow's Andy McConnell 17th October 2019


"First formed by accident 5,000 years ago on an Iraqi beach, glass has gradually evolved into Mankind’s most important creation and its greatest tool in shaping the modern world"...

The Canterbury Auction Galleries are pleased to announce that the Antique Roadshow's Andy McConnell will be giving a talk, "5,000 Years of Glass in 60 Minutes" at the Turner Contemporary Margate, on Thursday 17th October 2019  (following our free valuation Open Day 10am - 4pm).   The talk commences at 7pm and costs £10 per person, book your place by calling The Canterbury Auction Galleries on 01227 763337 or emailing  All proceeds will go to charity. Numbers are limited so book early to secure your place!

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