Sale Dates - 2023



To be held on Saturdays and Sundays:

4th AND 5th FEBRUARY 2023 - Consignment Deadline 22nd December 2022

1st AND 2nd APRIL 2023- Consignment deadline 24th February 2023

3rd AND 4th JUNE 2023 - Consignment deadline 21st April 2023

29th AND 30th JULY 2023 - Consignment deadline 23rd June 2023

30th SEPTEMBER AND 1st OCTOBER 2023 - Consignment deadline 23rd August 2023

25th AND 26th NOVEMBER 2023 - Consignment deadline 20th October 2023

Public viewing three days prior to each sale.  No public viewing or public attendance on sale days.  Bidding via online bid platforms, telephone or commission bids. Please see the 'Buying at Auction' section of the website for further details. 


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